Corporate Package


Manage Individuals or Groups of Users Under One Corporate Account. This package includes:
  • 5 x International SIM cards
  • 5 x Prepaid Mastercard® Cards
  • 1 month IPTV subscription
  • Management account

Manage Individuals or Groups of Users Under One Corporate Account:
View/Change User’s SIM card balances Set User’s SIM card recharge options Add Personal Extra Numbers (PEN) Map the current location of specific users or groups of users Block/unblock any user’s SIM card if lost or stolen Turn on/off any user’s voice mail Set up user’s name and password for individual access Reassign SIM cards to new users Assign multiple administrators with various permission levels.

Automatic Recharge Options:
Set up SIM cards to Auto Recharge from main Corporate Account balance Set up main Corporate Account balance to Auto Recharge from a credit card.

One Main Corporate Balance:
Move funds from one user account to another Purchase additional phones Purchase additional SIM cards Purchase Personal Extra Numbers (PEN) Add funds to existing SIM cards.

Send Free SMS Texts to Groups of Users:
Configure user groups for SMS distribution Send free SMS text messages to individual users or a user group.

Records Management:
View and download sales receipts and purchase history View and download Calling Detail Records (CDR).

Various Funding Options:
Instant deposit with a credit card Corporate checks Bank wire or ACH Postpaid billing available for large accounts Corporate accounts require 5 SIM cards or more.

Become a reseller of the
Flamingo Global services today!

If you are looking for a new business opportunity in your country, selling the Flamingo Services might be something to consider.

Give your customers the freedom to shop online and make instore payments easy and reduce their international roaming charges by 85%!

Local mobile operators charge high roaming rates when customers are traveling in foreign countries. With the Flamingo Telecom service customers avoid these high roaming charges and the potential for “bill shock” upon arriving home.

The Flamingo services are;
  • Easy to sell concept similar to domestic prepaid mobile services like Vodafone and Virgin Mobile, except Flamingo Telecom is a prepaid service for when traveling internationally with no monthly fees
  • High margins on the initial sale, plus high commission on all recharges
  • A natural complement for any travel agency or retailer selling unlocked GSM phones

International travelers have come to rely on the products and services provided by Flamingo Telecom. Our Travel Packages are now in very high demand. We have set up a distinct partner opportunity which allows our partners to benefit from selling a top product simply by helping introduce or distribute Flamingo Telecom products around the world. It's very easy to get started - just contact us for our program below and someone will contact you to discuss a possible partnership.

Reseller Partner Program
Reseller Partners are owners of travel agencies, retail locations or online shops. As a reseller partner you can purchase our Travel Package (International SIM and Prepaid MasterCard®) at wholesale prices and sell our service independent to your customers. Flamingo Telecom provides the web tools necessary to activate the customer accounts and manage the sale.

Our Travel Packages, which is sold for € 100,00 consist of an International SIM card with  € 20,00 airtime balance and a Prepaid MasterCard® with € 20,00 credit.

Commission is 10 to 20% on all Travel Package sales!

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